About us

Good Network Foundation was established in May 2009 by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland. The origins of GNF are two basic programs: My Scholarship and E-volunteering, which later gave rise to many of our other activities. Our most important objective is to develop knowledge about scholarships and e-volunteering and promote new technologies as a tool to strengthen civil society and social engagement in Poland.


  1. We run several portals:
  • www.mojestypendium.pl – Poland’s largest database of scholarships and competitions.
  • www.e-wolontariat.pl – Poland’s only site dedicated to social activities carried out with the cooperation of e-volunteers via the Internet.
  • www.tudu.org.pl – Poland’s first platform for social action on-line (e-volunteering) for the benefit of non-governmental organizations and activist groups.
  1. We carry out training projects, including the use of new technologies in social projects, as well as the construction of scholarship programs that meet the standards of the Charter of Principles of Good Scholarship Program.
  1. We organize competitions:
  • Polish “Odkryj e-wolontariat” and European ‘Discover-volunteering’ to promote the most interesting and rewarding social projects that use the social potential of the Internet.
  • Competition for the best scholarship programs – “Good Scholarships”.
  1. We organize conferences.
  1. We organize social activities, eg. ‘Hackathon for e-volunteering’ (2013).
  1. We conduct researches and release publications.


As the first and only organization from Poland, Good Network Foundation is a member of the European Volunteer Center – CEV that brings together organizations and institutions from all over Europe active in the field of volunteering.

Good Network Foundation is also cooperating with business sector, coordinating employee volunteering program for NUTRICIA Poland company.

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