DamNaSport.pl is the first Polish crowdfunding platform created in order to help young, gifted sportspeople who face several obstacles at the beginning of their carrer. Together we are able to discover local talents, help them overcome the existing bariers and achieve sport successes.

Passionate sportspeople, extraordinarily determined and brave on their way to  succees, can easily be found in almost all the places in Poland.  Perserverance, motivation, healthy lifestyle – their attitude can be a source of inspiration for many others. Each of them is a candidate for a champion who, thanks to DamNaSport.pl and the support of society, is able to ovecome the obstacles and achieve real sport success.

DamNaSport.pl is a crowdfunding platform that enables sportspeople to raise money for the development of their career, e.g. for the purchase of equipment or the participation in competitions. The core idea of crowdfunding is the involvement of society – encouraging a large group of people to support the action by donating small sums of money. In return, the sponsors are given some gifts and are provided with up-to-date information about how their money is being spent. In this way they can feel that the sportsman’s success is partly their success as well. The sportspeople, on the other hand, apart from financial support, gain a group of committed fans who are constantly cheering on them in their fairplay sport competition. The both sides win!

Visit https://damnasport.pl/ and meet our future Sport Champions!

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