CSOs Online

Enhancing digital literacy, online communication and fundraising skills

‚CSOs online‘ is a project for the development of nonprofit sector workers’ digital skills, especially in the field of online communication and fundraising, based on the exchange of experience, innovative practices and know-how in the frame of transnational partner meetings. The participating organizations have a broad experience of utmost relevance to achieve a more efficient and pragmatic CSO mentoring and training activity, and thereby, support CSOs with advice and examples through a specially designed guide, incorporated in the participants‘ existing websites.

In short, this project will harness the experiences, best practice and lessons learned from organizations across Europe, involved in the fields of education, training and mentoring CSOs in their online communication and fundraising activities. The formation of the partnership to exchange best practices in the field is essential due to the relatively small scale of the mentioned activities in the participant countries, and the need of CSOs to be more deeply embedded into the surrounding society, in order to be supported morally and financially by their environment.


Nonprofit Information and Training Centre (NIOK) Foundation


Czech Fundraising Center
Association for Community Relations (Asociatia pentru Relatii Comunitare)
Good Network Foundation
The Institute for Communication in Social Media (ikosom)





Project organized with the support of the Erasmus+ program of the European Union.






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