Puzzles, workshops, games, educational blogs, quizzes, videos and many more – that can look like learning maths! Supporters of education through fun with ideas for an original and effective teaching of mathematics have the opportunity to take it to the the grant competition “mPotęga” (‘mPower’).

It is organized by the mBank Foundation in partnership with the Good Network Foundation. The “mPotęga” aims to inspire teachers and enthusiasts of mathematics to end with the diagrams and the routine of mathematics lessons and awake interest in the subject in children and young people. Projects founded under the program are aimed at students in 4-8 of primary schools grades and their parents, teachers, math enthusiasts, educators, animators – all those who want to explore the world of mathematics or want to show that mathematics can be understood and likable. The grants could be given to: NGOs, universities, libraries; primary schools; informal groups. Grants were awarded in two categories: projects that support education of children in grades 4-6 and 7-8 of primary schools.

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