About us

Good Network Foundation (in Polish: Fundacja Dobra Sieć) is a capacity building organization from Warsaw, Poland. Our mission is to promote new technologies as a tool to strengthen civil society and social engagement.

The origins of GNF are two basic programs: My Scholarship and E-volunteering, which later gave rise to many of our other activities. Our most important objective is to develop knowledge about scholarships and online volunteering.

Since 2009 we support individuals, NGOs and business sector in the field of:

  • Online volunteering – within the E-volunteering Program we encourage people to share their skills online. We launched http://e-wolontariat.pl (http://e-volunteering.eu)- a webportal dedicated to the volunteering done via the Internet, and https://tudu.org.pl – the first crowdsourcing platform in Poland enabling the online cooperation between NGOs and volunteers. We organize trainings, e-learning and counselling for those who want to start an online volunteering program. We used to organize European grant competitions, hackathons (programming sprints) and training programs for social startups from across Europe.
  • Competence validation – within the LEVER Program we provide knowledge and tools supporting the validation of transversal competences (such as communication, team work and leadership). We offer e-learning, online self-assessment form and counselling. More information (in Polish): http://leverbasic.pl/, http://certyfikatlever.pl/.
  • Scholarships – within the My Scholarship Program we run the database of scholarship and internship programs: http://mojestypendium.pl (the biggest in Poland). We offer counselling, trainings and audits for those who implement (or want to implement) a scholarship program. We also run our own scholarship program for young talented sportsmen, called Fundusz Natalii Partyki: http://fundusznataliipartyki.pl/.
  • Employee volunteering – we support companies with the implementation of different employee volunteering programs: we organize online volunteering programs and moderate grant competitions for employees.

As the first and only organization from Poland, Good Network Foundation is a member of the European Volunteer Center – CEV that brings together organizations and institutions from all over Europe active in the field of volunteering.

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