Our mission is to propagate knowledge concerning the social use of new technologies and to strengthen the growth of civil society in Poland.

In order to achieve our goal, we are running projects supporting both the growth of local and national communities, as well as international partnership actions. This allows for the exchange of experiences  between European and world countries.

We are always willing to start cooperation in various fields with organisations, institutions and companies.

1. Training

We provide training in the following areas:

2. Cooperation of the Good Network Foundation with organisations and institutions

If you want:

  • To make better use of new technologies in your organisation or institution,
  • Your local community to function more vigorously,
  • Your pupils to learn how to search for scholarships,
  • To learn how to organise volunteering and e-volunteering projects,
  • To find out how to create a good scholarship programme,
  • To promote your scholarship programme,
  • To carry out a joint partnership project with the Good Network Foundation,

contact us to see our training offer. You can also present your own project proposal. We will be more than happy to share our experience and learn something new from you.

So far, among other projects, we have:

  • Carried out local trainings at Act Locally Centres, TechClubs, and Orange Studios
  • Provided training courses for representatives of organisations and institutions at the following events: Sector 3.0 conference, a conference organised by the Koalicja Prezesi-wolontariusze programme (coalition of presidents and volunteers programme), Festiwal Wolontariatu (festival of volunteering) and others
  • Delivered workshops during symposia organised by European Volunteer Centre – CEV.

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3. We carry out your project. In other words, how the Good Network Foundation cooperates with companies.

Our team members are experienced in cooperation with the business sector. We are open to your suggestions and ideas for your social projects. We will be happy to support the development of those projects and to carry them out for you.

We can help you with:

  • Creating a concept of how your company can be engaged socially
  • Organising a grant programme for your employees
  • Creating a scholarship programme for the families of your employees, for your environment or for any other purpose
  • Involving your employees in social activities both on-line and off-line

A list of projects being carried out by us:

  • Wolontariusze HOPE (HOPE volunteers) – employee volunteering at NUTRICIA company
  • Fundusz Stypendialny Natalii Partyki (Natalia Partyka scholarship fund) in collaboration with Biedronka company
  • mPotęga programme in collaboration with Fundacja mBank (mBank Foundation)

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4. Technological cooperation

The Good Network Foundation organises nationwide and European activities. We are willing to start cooperation on a barter basis, so that our initiatives are supported.

In our work we use GetResponse, which has given our Foundation a discount for its services. This allows us to professionally implement promotional campaigns, create newsletters, as well as conduct online trainings and webinars.

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