EVEN Workbook

NGOs often find it challenging to establish cooperation with companies since they can be unsure of what such cooperation could look like, how to initiate it, or what benefits it could bring. Cooperation with companies is usually associated with pure fundraising, e.g. with obtaining a grant from the company for a social project. But there are other ways of doing it!  Equally important, or perhaps even more important, is non-financial cooperation which takes the form of employee volunteering.

The workbook

The Good Network Foundation together with other organisations and companies as members of the Employee Volunteering European Network, prepared the Employee Volunteering Workbook: a short workbook for NGOs who are willing to launch a project involving employees of a chosen company. The handbook is divided into sections, each dealing with a different phase of cooperation. It also contains many supporting questions, tips and exercises which are worth doing with the company – a potential partner. This will ensure that both sides comprehend the objectives and activities of the joint project in the same way.

In addition, the workbook includes several different models of cooperation in the framework of employee volunteering cooperation. One of these is

You can download the workbook in the following languages:

Feel free to read it!

We would like to say a huge thank you to our e-volunteers Lucyna Błachnia and Radosław Dudek who translated the workbook from English into Polish.


[Translation: Małgorzata Smorąg – THANK YOU!]

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