‘Masters of Mathematics’ scholarship program

Good Network Foundation implemented a scholarship program “Masters of mathematics”, whose founder is the foundation of mBank. The program was created to support children and young people talented in mathematics. 14 best candidates received 2000 zł support to develop their gift.

The program was aimed at students of secondary schools, who are residents of Elblag city or county and:

– Obtained a minimum 4.5 average grade at the end of the school year 2014/2015;

– Achieved at least 5.0 average grade in mathematics from the last two semesters;

– Achieve success in math competitions.

Grants could be used, among others, to pay for additional classes and courses, participation in contests and competitions and purchase of educational materials. Scholarships were paid from December 2015 to June 2016. Detailed rules for applications and evaluation of proposals are contained in the rules of the program.

Out of the 29 applications submitted for the “Masters of Mathematics” Competition, the Committee competition chose the 15 mathematically talented students who will receive a scholarship of 2,000 zł each.

The list of supported students you can find below:

Borowska Dominika

Burczyk Damian

Ciborowski Tomasz

Gralewicz Patryk

Konopko Julia

Lefelbajn Paweł

Milusz Natalia

Nalikowski Kamil

Pietruszka Krzysztof

Rękawik Szymon

Sobolak Patryk

Szepeta Wiktoria

Terech Szymon

Woźny Dawid Tomasz

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