My Scholarship

Few of Polish are aware of the fact that there are scholarship programmes other than the ones offered by schools and universities. Good Network Foundation publishes information about scholarship programmes organized by associations, foundations, local governments, companies and universities on the website www.mojestypendium.plIt is a database of current scholarship offers, scientific and artistic competitions as well as apprenticeships aimed at pupils, students, teachers, parents, graduates, artists and sportspeople.  Thanks to searching device all the visitors can easily find a scholarship or a competition that matches their interests and needs best.

We invite you to visit the website where you can find:

  • the database of current scholarships, competitions and apprenticeships (over 10 000 items from Poland and abroad),
  • articles about scholarships,
  • information for the scholarship donors and surveys on the scholarship market.


As a part of ‘My Scholarship’ programme we organized 5 edtions of ‘Good Scholarships’ competition, which aims at promoting  good practices in the area of scholarships organization and rewarding the best of them.  As the organizers of the competition, we would like to show how significantly scholarships improve possibilities of education and development and to promote the idea of scholarship programmes.  NGOs, universities, units of local governments and companies are invited to take part in the programme.

Foundation organizes conferences on the topic of scholarships, training courses for scholarship donors and stipendists, releases publications, carries out surveys on the scholarship market and coordinates working groups constituted by representatives of the institutions showing interest in the development of scholarship programmes in Poland.

We also deal with evaluation of scholarship programmes as well as with designing and managing scholarship programmes on the donors’ behalf. Generally speaking, what we do is to prepare  fully tailored scholarship programmes. We can also organize workshops: for the youth about how to look for a scholarship, and for stipendists about how to build a community. All those interested in our offer are kindly asked to contact us.

Unlike stereotypes say, spending time on the Internet isn’t pure evil – there is a lot of good happening on the net!

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