Natalia Partyka’s Fund

Natalia Partyka’s Fund was created to support young athletes who, because of various adversities, have difficulties with development of their career.

The initiators of the Fund are Mrs. Natalia Partyka and the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, the Good Network Foundation is the operator. The strategic partner of the Fund is Biedronka Company.

The scholarships under the Fund may seek to young athletes who achieve high results in sport at the sports class appropriate to their age category in the disciplines of individual or team sports, the Olympic disciplines or Paralympic Games.

In the first edition the scholarship Program awarded 12 winners selected from 120 candidates, who have problems with career development, but also have defined objectives in sports. Scholarships up to 1500 zlotys per month were paid from September 2015. Now, after 3 editions, it is over 30 scholarships.

Maria Andrejczyk (one of the supported athletes) set a new Polish record in the javelin throw, and thus obtained the best result this season in the world during the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. In the final of the competition it reached the best attempt to distance 64.78 meters, which allowed her to take fourth place in Olympic debut. In Paralympics Poland was represented by Bartosz Tyszkowski, the participant of the scholarship Program as well.


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