Visegrad Civil Bridge to Ukraine

The Project was carried out in Transcarpathia (Ukraine) and V4 countries from the 1st of February 2015 to the 1st of March 2016.


Ukrainian-Hungarian Regional Development Centre


The Project was funded by Visegrad Fund.

Project Objectives

The objective of the project was to strengthen the third sector in Ukraine by sharing the experience of V4 countries with Ukrainian NGOs and helping them in the implementation of the best practices in terms of volunteering.

In the current social and economic situation, it is very important that Ukrainian NGOs are aware of how to strengthen civil society through alternative fundraising methods and possibilities of cooperation with city authorities and other state bodies. This goal could be achieved by initiating cooperation between different social groups and providing opportunities to acquire and deepen knowledge.

Project activities:

  • Workshop on cooperation aimed at networking and building civil society
  • Fundraising workshop
  • Workshop on cooperation of NGOs with municipal institutions
  • Workshop on cooperation between different social groups for building civil society
  • Designing the project page
  • Civil Forum – roundtable – discussion on the project results

The events and activities were important in terms of promoting democratic transformation in Ukraine as by providing technical support and learning opportunities, they focused on specific areas. Thus, Ukrainian NGOs were able to comply with European standards.

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[Translation: Małgorzata Smorąg – THANK YOU!]

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